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"I am thrilled with the results my horse has gotten from Katja's treatments.   Trace had longstanding muscle soreness, specifically in the gluteals but radiating to the back and neck.  He was never lame and x-rays were clean.  He had been treated by other bodyworkers with limited results, which didn't last. I saw substantial improvement with Katja's first session and he continued to improve with each subsequent session. We are now able to put him on an "as-needed" basis! Katja has considerable education in numerous bodywork modalities and continues to expand her training.  This, along with her knowledge of horse anatomy and assessment skills, contributed to our great results. I have a very happy horse!"


Sharon Best, Eventing Rider, Ventura, CA

“I have honestly noticed a big difference in my competition horses after Katja's work. The combination of Acupressure and the cold laser make a huge difference and help relieve sore and tight muscles. Recently, Katja worked on a 4 year old horse for me who was literally unable to trot after running into the stall frame between his stall and the run. Katja worked on his shoulder area where he has hit the stall and 2 days later he was 75% better. Everyone at the barn, including myself, was pretty amazed as we were all ready to sent him to the vet and have a bone scan done. 


I have also found that the Acupressure and cold laser are equally useful and important in less extreme and more chronic cases. Many of my training horses are on a routine schedule to check in with their muscles and body. It is so important to be in tune with them so that we can prevent a problem before it happens! When Katja notices a spasm in the back muscle for example, it gives me a "heads up" and a chance to consider the training in the past week that might have caused that and how I might want to modify the training in the future week and not cause a more extensive injury to the horse. 


I would highly recommend the Equine Wellness Group not only for horses with extreme issues or injury but also for the healthy equine athlete that we hope to keep sound and happy for many years to come!”


Amelia Newcomb USDF Gold Medalist and owner of Amelia Newcomb Dressage

Katja Auer of Equine Wellness Group is an integral and essential part of my training program with Catalina. Katja keeps a constant eye on our training progress and monitors Catalina's responses during her bodywork sessions. I can always tell when Katja has spent time with my mare. She is "loose, forward,and happy"!
Katja is very knowledgeable with certifications in a wide range of equine modalities. She also develops a bond and a sensitivity with each of her equine clients. This is something that is amazing to watch and what makes her highly successful in achieving strength, suppleness, and wellness to the overall performances of the horses.

Nancy Borun, Dressage Rider, USDF Gold Medalist

“Katja came out to look at my mare's back and after an evaluation, she found that she was sore underneath the panels due to an ill fitting saddle. She identified the problem very quickly and was able to refer me to an excellent master saddler. I can highly recommend her skilled service. Katja is a dressage rider herself and has a wealth of knowledge.”


Brigitte Englahner, Dressage Rider, Woodland Hills CA

“Katja came out to ThreeNail Ranch and gave us a Wonderful 4H saddle fitting and massage clinic! I knew I was missing a lot with my horses, Katja made it fun and easy to remember how to check saddle fit and now I know my horses will be happier while working. I have always wanted to massage my horses but I was envisioning standing there for hours rubbing them...Katja showed us how to effectively massage and that a little goes a long way and too much massage can make them sore as well. Her glowing personality really made the experience memorable and I really look forward to learning as much as I can from her!”


Shoshanna Faber, MBA, Northwest 4H Horse Project, Bakersfield, CA

“Words cannot express my gratitude for the work of the Equine Wellness Group on my 16 year old Holsteiner gelding, Moose. The session that he received by Katja has been a very positive and successful journey, rehabbing him back from an ill fitting saddle. You know the saying, "the proof is in the pudding"? Well, when my vet came out for a wellness exam of Moose a couple of months ago, you can imagine how happy I was when the vet reported how non- reactive and healthy his back felt when she palpated him. And I had yet to share with my vet that Moose had received several equine massage and acupressure sessions under the professional hands of the Equine Wellness Group. I must also comment at how much Moose liked her touch. He was so relaxed and the effect on is cardiovascular system was immediate. Katja demonstrated her knowledge of how to handle a horse with confidence and thoughtfulness. Today he is moving forward so much better. I am so happy that Katja introduced me to this form of equine therapy and I am a firm believer in its efficacy. My goal now is to be showing (dressage) within the next 6 months. And I will continue to use them and recommend their services.”


Micaela Hines, Dressage Rider, Saugus, CA
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