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What is Acutonics?

Acutonics is an energy-based, non-invasive approach rooted in Oriental Medicine, science and sound. The tools used are precision calibrated tuning forks where each fork has a specific vibration and generates a specific sound. In a sense, they enhance Acupressure performed by hands with the introduction of a deep vibration into the horse’s body and energy pathways of the Meridian System. This directly impacts the physical and emotional body. The tuning forks are used on acupuncture points, triggers points and areas of discomfort.

How does it work?

Every system has a distinct cycle, rhythm, pattern and pulse that exist in resonant harmony to the cycles of the heavens and earth. The same is true for each organ and every cell in the horse’s body, each having their own dynamic rhythmic pattern, cycle and pulse. Every cell in the horse’s body is a sound resonator, responding to sound vibration, as do its spiritual, mental and emotional states of consciousness.

The tuning forks represent a natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of the Earth and other planets, the Moon and the Sun. The tuning forks generate a rich resonance and vibration, connecting with and supporting the horse’s natural frequencies. This stimulates and balances the horses physical and energy field, promoting wellness and inner harmony.


  • Benefits for your horse:

  • Immune System Strengthening

  • Grounding for the nervous horse

  • Increasing Energy and Vibrance

  • Reduction of Anxiety

  • Relieving muscular aches

  • Balancing Meridians


Acutonics is not a substitute for proper veterinary medical care, but rather serves as a compliment. If your horse is ill or injured, seek appropriate medical attention from a qualified veterinary practitioner.

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