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About Us

About the Equine Wellness Group

Katja Auer founded Equine Wellness Group LLC in 2000.


She is passionate about your horse’s well being and seeks to eliminate and prevent discomfort and maximize the performance potential of your equine partner. Her role is that of facilitator, assisting your animal to attain and maintain a naturally healthy state. Sessions are tailored specifically to your horses needs. She has extensively studied and is certified in modalities such as Equine Massage, Acupressure, The Five-Element Theory, Reiki, Myofascial Release and added a Cold Laser and Kinesiology Taping to her program plus is well versed on equine nutrition. She had the distinct pleasure to learn from Dr. Kerry Ridgway DVM, who taught her saddle fit, evaluation and basics of farrier science. She is one of a few equine body-workers with the most diverse education and toolboxes of various equine bodywork modalities available. By integrating modalities, she knows how to maximize each session for your horse achieving results.





Proper assessment is key and it requires a strong knowledge base.


Katja applies a root cause analysis approach, where the horse's muscle condition and symmetry, gate analysis, saddle and saddle fit, behavior and environment are evaluated to name a few. Once she determines what areas of your horse require special attention, she chooses the best modality(s) to help improve your horse’s well being.  The modalities include Massage, Stretching, Acupressure, Myofascial Release including Cranio-Sacral work, Cold Laser, Reiki and Kinesiology taping and she often uses various modalities in one session. 


As an active lifelong equestrian with focus on dressage, she specifically understands the needs of the modern dressage horse. She is a member of USEF, USDF, CDS and DASC. She trains and works with FEI level trainers and continuously expands her education to be able to best help horses. She has been teaching equine massage for the past ten years for Scola Animila in Germany and in 2016 plans to continue her studies to become an Equine Osteopath certified to practice in Germany and in the USA. She never sits still and finds her most joy when with horses. 



“Heaven, Earth, and I are living together, and all things and I form an inseparable unity.” - Chuang Tzu

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